A Heart Journey with Michelle & Todd

15 april kl. 14.00-15.30

Välkommen till A Heart Journey med Michelle och Todd!

Pris: 350 kr

Anmäl dig genom att swisha 350 kr till 123 068 4506 och glöm inte lämna ditt namn. 

Lördag 15 april 14-16 har Michelle och Todd en efterlängtad klass.

A heart journey, explore your heart through dynamic breath work and yoga and sound.

We start this journey with some dynamic breath work, yoga movements and postures that warm up the upper body abd stimulate the heart charkra and it´s energy.

Then we flow into a yoga sequence that focuses on the hips and back and a exploration of different hand mudras (hand gestures).

We continue the journey with chakra meditation that focuses on all the chakras and a sound journey with the Indian tamboura as you are in savasana (relaxing pose).


Workshop med Nazareno Grisolia,  Arm Balance & Transitions hos Hot Yoga Helsingborg